"Main" characters refers to those who are apart of the "Core 5" (More information on that below.) "Recurring" characters are those who appeared in more than one issue in a series. "Guest" characters are those who appeared in only one issue in a series.

Core CharactersEdit

"Core Characters" are any characters within the series, whether they started out that way or were bumped up after time, who at any time were considered "main characters." Meaning that while they weren't in every single issue, they were in most. With the exception of Series 4, each series had only five core characters. Mrs. NóName is the only main character not to be considered as a part of the "core 5," seeing as that title is only given to student characters.

Character Series
1 2 3 4
Mrs. NóName Main
Amanda Main
Callum Main
Kira Main
Katie Main Recurring Guest
Brooke Main Recurring Guest
Tai Main Guest
Kassiy Guest Main
Ember Main

Secondary CharactersEdit

"Secondary Characters" are characters within the series who were never considered to be in the core five at any point.

Character Series
1 2 3 4
Lady Gaga Recurring Guest
Steven Recurring
Sagen Recurring Guest
Katie G Recurring Guest
Jamie Recurring Guest
Pete Guest Recurring
Susie Guest Guest
Female Officer Guest
Archery Boy Recurring Guest
Andrew Recurring Guest
Young Girl Recurring
Ms. Carlyle Guest
Miley Cyrus Guest
Mrs. Bae Guest
Kira's Boyfriend Guest
Ember's Drawings Recurring Guest
Cher Recurring
Molly Recurring
Susanne Recurring
Maralee Caruso Guest
Caroline Barghout Guest