Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brunette (Series One)

Pink (Series Two)

Blonde (Series Three)

Eye color: Hazel
  • Cher
Roleplay Information
First appearance: "First Day (In Hell)"
Latest appearance: "After The End (Epilogue)"


Series One Issues: Appearances:
First Day (In Hell) Appears
F-Bomb(er) Appears
A Very NóName Halloween Absent
Plights of a Superhero Absent
A Very NóName Christmas Absent
Baking in Home Ec, Part One Absent
The Ginger's Fantasy Absent
Trial and Error Absent
The Trouble With Fabric Absent
Dead in the Water Absent
Flied Absent
Baking in Home Ec, Part Two Absent
All Hell Breaks Loose Appears
Candies Absent
Archery Practice Absent
Last Day (The Savior) Appears
Total of Appearances: 4/16

Series Two Issues: Appearances:
New School Year Appears
Flying Lessons Absent
Kassiy Absent
A Very NóName Valentines Absent
Days of Loneliness Absent
Baby Appears
F-Bomb(er) 2 Appears
A Very NóName New Years Absent
Posters Absent
Never Coming Back Absent
Crazy Girl + Revenge = ? Absent
A Very NóName St. Patrick's Day Appears
Ginger Fail Absent
Checking In Absent
The Last Pastry Person Appears
The Prom of Ultimate Failure Appears
Total of Appearances: 6/16

Series Four Issues: Appearances:
Flash Sideways Appears
After The End (Epilogue) Appears
Total of Appearances: 2/2
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